Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hail Caledonia

We're off to Scotland next week. We'll stay in Glasgow for a few days with my family and then travel to Northumberland for my father in law's 91st birthday. I love to visit Glasgow as I grew up here and it's just such a vibrant, happening city.
Here are a few places I plan to visit:

The Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum - not to be missed - lots of paintings and sculptures from many periods of history plus natural history exhibits, arms and armour etc., there really is something for everyone here and the building is fantastic.

This is George Square right in the center of Glasgow, it's the main civic square. The photo below shows the City Chambers which is the HQ for Glasgow City Council. We'll definitely be going to George Square as "Jamie's Italian", a Jamie Oliver restaurant has opened in the Old General Post Office built in the square in 1878.

We'll take a walk up to Garnethill to admire the Glasgow School of Art designed by Charles Rennie MacIntosh. It's a wonderful building and you can take a tour. My aunt and uncle lived just around the corner from here when I was growing up.

My sister and I will spend some time at Princes Square. It's a very upmarket shopping center and a little out of my normal budget. I may not buy much but it's fun to have a look around. However, I do crave some new perfume so a trip to Jo Malone is a necessity and so is a visit to Cath Kidston for a browse around.

Pollock House is a Georgian Country House right in Glasgow's south side, close to my sister's house. It's quite an understated place and never really busy but very interesting.

I don't think that we'll make it up to the Highlands on this trip but I just had to include this haunting photo of the Isle of Skye which was featured in a National Geographic article last year. A few days in Scotland then off to Northumberland which I have to say is a stunningly beautiful place. I can't wait....

Photo credits
Flag -
Kelvingrove - Joe Deacon
George Square -
Art School - Steve McAdams
Princes Square -
Pollock House -
Skye - John Richardson


Paul C said...

This sounds like an amazing trip filled with culture and history.

Winchester whisperer said...

Have fun!

J_on_tour@jayzspaze said...

Fantastic. I hope you enjoy it, I never tire of Glasgow, maybe it's because my parents originally come from there. I don't know whether you caught up with my Glasgow post but it covers the School of Art, Willow tea rooms and Kelvingrove Art Gallery
I'm there again at the end of this month... can't wait.
Have a good trip.

this too will pass said...

Hi Marian, if you and your hubby have time for a trip around Newcastle let me know:

have a good trip, Charles

Tess Kincaid said...

My Scottish DNA is tingling!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I hope you're having a wonderful time!

Mary said...

Would love to eat at a Jamie restaurant! Hope you're all having a wonderful time at home.

Beatnheart said...

Scotland looks so beautiful...would love to go one day. I have read your back posts and yes! The R.L. stuff is beautiful. I think you have to be young, long and lean to pull it off though. I speak to Cynthia at Wertz Brothers whenever I go in and she says your are absolutly lovely. Hopefully one day we can meet up. The farm chick show sounds just fab...maybe??

Bohemian said...

So... how was Scotland? I have always wanted to visit Scotland and Ireland. My Mom is Welsh and I was actually born in North Wales when my American Dad was stationed over there in the Military... so the Gaelic Countries and cultures appeal to me.

Thanks for visiting my recent Post... I bought a Zumba exercise Kit so I'll be utilizing that as part of the getting healthier routine... Do you find that Pilates in age friendly for us that are over fifty? I have wondered... I used to do Yoga religiously but am not quite as flexible as I once was *winks*...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

taio said...

it is wonderful trip