Monday, May 28, 2012

February 2012 in Venice for Carnevale

I spent the month of February in Venice learning about Art History and the History of Italian Theater.  The college course and our teachers were fantastic - knowledgeable, enthusiastic,  interesting and energizing.  I had a wonderful time although it was the coldest February on record - some of the canals were even frozen.  I shared an apartment with 2 great friends Wanda & Mikie -   We cooked, danced, laughed, learned, travelled and just rejoiced in being there before, during and after Carnevale.  All photos were taken by Wanda's daughter Laura Domrose who visited from Istanbul.  Can't wait to return.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Busy at work.

Calgary Herald Photo

Flathead Beacon Photo

Lots going on and lots to do.  At the bronze foundry where I work we are coming to the end of a huge project for the Calgary Stampede - 15 Life Size + 1/4 Horses & 2 Riders - the final bronzes leave for Calgary shortly.  Top photo is of Artist Rich Roenisch standing next to part of his sculpture with an engineer checking on the structural support.  Rich created 7 of the horses and his cousin Artist Bob Spaith created 8.  Can't wait to see it in place in Calgary.