Sunday, December 26, 2010

Edwin Morgan's Trio A Christmas Poem

This black and white photo of Buchanan Street, Glasgow was taken on December 3rd this year by Andrew Kelly. I love this life affirming poem set in Buchanan Street, written by Edwin Morgan who died this year. When I read this poem it always takes me back to being a teenager in Glasgow. Bittersweet memories.

Coming up Buchanan Street, quickly, on a sharp winter evening

a young man and two girls, under the Christmas lights -

The young man carries a new guitar in his arms,

the girl on the inside carries a very young baby,

and the girl on the outside carries a chihuahua.

And the three of them are laughing, their breathe rises

in a cloud of happiness, and as they pass

the boy says, "Wait till he sees this but!"

The chihuahua has a tiny Royal Stewart tartan coat like a teapot-


the baby in its white shawl is all bright eyes and mouth like

favours in a fresh sweet cake,

the guitar swells out under its milky plastic cover, tied at the neck

with silver tinsel tape and a brisk sprig of mistletoe.

Orphean sprig! Melting Baby! Warm chihuahua!

The vale of tears is powerless before you.

Whether Christ is born, or is not born, you

put paid to fate, it abdicates

under the Christmas lights.

Monsters of the year

go blank, are scattered back,

can't bear this march of three.

And the three have passed, vanished in the crowd

(yet not vanished, for in their arms they wind

the life of men and beasts, and music,

laughter ringing them round like a guard)

at the end of this winter's day

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Joy to the World

"Christmas is the day that holds all time together" Alexander Smith
We woke to a beautiful, silver day here in the Flathead Valley. All was crisp and clear. This is the view from our deck which we have been enjoying all day. Wishing all who visit here the Best Christmas Ever Sealed with Warmth and Love....and May All Your Wishes Come True.

Rosie is enjoying the sunshine and hoping for some Christmas treats.

Henry likes to lie on the deck and survey his domain.

Henry and Rosie are wishing each other and you the very best of Christmas Cheer.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Fun Space

This is my new space and I'm so happy with it.

This is what the space looked like 2 weeks ago. This had been our catch-all room full of vintage stock, projects, and lots and lots of magazines (I will admit to being totally addicted to them).

From the sublime to the ridiculous.....1998 Taxes sitting on top of my icecream machine.

Some nice fairy lamps waiting to be re-wired

Now I'm starting to make progress...I took over 100 Foodie Magazines to the Thrift Store.

Finally a blank canvas.........we can begin again.

A lovely desk and chair from Station 8 Antiques - thanks for the screaming deal Colette - purchased in the summer for this room. I knew if I bought the desk & chair, I would have the impetus needed to sort it all out.

My desk is all ready for a laptop which should arrive any day now.

Some pottery sorted and priced waiting to go out at one of our vendor spaces.

And finally a great photo of Bob wouldn't be my fun room without Bob to watch over me.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Books of the year

"A book is like a garden carried in the pocket" Chinese proverb
"Books let us into their souls and lay open to us the secrets of our own" William Hazlitt

I love to read and love book lists. Last week The Guardian posted a great list in their Culture Section just in time for the Holiday Gift Giving Season. I love this list as there are lots of books that I am not familiar with.
Here's another link - There's a wonderful blog called From the House of Edward
The November 16th post titled "Tickets" invites readers to recommend favourite books in the "comments" section - I now have a new book list garnered from the 2 links above to keep me going until 2012. If you have a recommendation I would love to add it to my future reading list.

Images: Clara Natoli