Saturday, February 19, 2011

Classic Americana Silver Belt Buckles

I was browsing through a magazine today and came upon ads for Ralph Lauren's Spring Collection which I love. The feel is Western Vintage - Lots of silver belt buckles, fringe leather & suede, mixed in with fabulously intricate Edwardian lace and drippy, delicate crystal jewelry - just my cup of tea.
This image below says it all. Look at the size of that belt buckle! Then it's mixed with over the top beaded, fringed pants and a platinum jacket and scarf. Maybe I could afford the scarf but I'm pretty sure that the rest is well beyond my budget but one can dream.
Here are some of our sterling silver buckles currently for sale in our mall spaces. All of them are vintage and in excellent condition. I'm hoping that the trend will make these items jump off the shelves and out the door.
I love the intricate work on this coral and turquoise buckle below.

This is a very classic horse & horseshoe buckle with beautiful scrollwork.

Another classic horse bust buckle below.

The longhorn is always popular, even if we're not in Texas.

This is a little plainer but I think easier to wear, and just beautifully made.

And now for the turqouise and sterling bangles - timeless, classic jewelry.

I love the large chunk of turquoise in the one below.

And last but by no means least a great sterling and turquoise cuff.


Winchester whisperer said...

Mr Lauren is too vintage & too expensive for me but I like the turquoise bangles

Gordon said...

Those Belt buckles looks nice and I can see some good variety too. But I am not sure about the build quality as long I can inspect them physically. Are you providing some guarantee.
Belt buckles