Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Fun Space

This is my new space and I'm so happy with it.

This is what the space looked like 2 weeks ago. This had been our catch-all room full of vintage stock, projects, and lots and lots of magazines (I will admit to being totally addicted to them).

From the sublime to the ridiculous.....1998 Taxes sitting on top of my icecream machine.

Some nice fairy lamps waiting to be re-wired

Now I'm starting to make progress...I took over 100 Foodie Magazines to the Thrift Store.

Finally a blank canvas.........we can begin again.

A lovely desk and chair from Station 8 Antiques - thanks for the screaming deal Colette - purchased in the summer for this room. I knew if I bought the desk & chair, I would have the impetus needed to sort it all out.

My desk is all ready for a laptop which should arrive any day now.

Some pottery sorted and priced waiting to go out at one of our vendor spaces.

And finally a great photo of Bob wouldn't be my fun room without Bob to watch over me.


Trix said...

How inspiring! I need to do this with the basement ... the mud room ... the closets ... oh ack. I need a nap. Your dogs are so cute!!

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

This IS inspiring! What a beautiful space you have created for yourself!

I love the taxes on top of the ice cream machine - that odd mix of clutter feels very familiar to me!

Enjoy your spot!

lila Check said...

feels good to get a blank canvas and start all over again hum? you did a great job the small details that tells so much about the person that you are.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I do so envy you your beautifully clean desk!! I am sad to say, mine is a holiday mess. Thank you notes and tinsel atop forgotten water bills! Maybe next week I shall tackle it all?

Happy Christmas to you!!