Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm Crackers about The Farm Chicks Christmas Book

Christmas Dinner just wouldn't be Christmas Dinner if there were no Christmas Crackers. Growing up in Scotland we always had these novelties.
They dress up the table and they're really fun - they're pulled apart and make a "snap" sound then out spill the contents - usually a tissue paper crown (which is worn through the meal), a trinket and a silly joke. I highly recommend them.
When I first moved here in the 1980s my sister would have to send them to me as they were hard to find here - but not anymore. I'm pleased to say that they are available at CostCo now - they just featured them in their November magazine - and over the years I've bought them on the internet and at Target. There are some cool hand made crackers on etsy
Fabulous Farm Chick Serena is hosting a Virtual Book Signing Party on Friday - Pop over to her site and see her latest book The Farm Chicks Christmas Book - It's full of Holiday recipes and super ideas for Christmas - it's on my Santa list - and would make a great gift for girlfriends and sisters . If you buy it on Friday she'll sign your copy. Serena's a lovely lady who organizes a great antiques show every June in Spokane. We had a space there in 2009 and really enjoyed the show - lots of enthusiastic customers and friendly fellow dealers. We would have loved to have returned this year but the dates coincided with our trip to the UK...........hopefully we'll make it to her Farm Chicks Antiques Show in 2011 - It's a really fun time - very creative and inspiring - just like Serena and her Christmas Book.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marian! And we're crackers about you! tee hee :) Love, Serena & friends

Hen said...

Hi Marian,
Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my blog and wish me a happy birthday, that was so kind and I appreciate it. I think I need to see if Amazon UK have any Farm Chicks books. I was so surprised to hear our American friends are not really into crackers. Well, it wouldn't be Christmas without them , would it?!
Hen xxx