Saturday, July 17, 2010

Taking The Plunge.....First Post

This is my first blog post so please excuse me if I'm a little nervous. I'm looking forward to embarking on this journey into blogland. I have been following lovely blogs for ages (mainly about vintage stuff and literature) but today I decided to take the plunge - so here goes.

During the summer we get up very early on a Saturday and hit the garage sales and flea markets. Today I picked up some fun items which will either go to one of Mr VM's mall spaces or I'll take to the Station 8 Sale next Saturday July 24th or to the fabulous Vintage Whites Market on August 21st. I'll be back soon. Arrividerci.


J_on_tour@jayzspaze said...

Welcome aboard for your journey. Thought I'd post this to remind you that it's a global thing. I'm from North East England and have taken a couple of journeys on my blog page to the country of your roots. Enjoy the ride.

this too will pass said...

Hi; good luck with your blogging, best wishes, Charles